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Pervasive Artificial Intelligence

With our Pervasive AI approach we are enabling Enterprises to Re-design, Re-imagine, Re-invent themselves and deliver enhanced experiences to their customers. The world is moving towards a human-centered partnership model between people and AI, to enhance cognitive performance, which includes learning, decision making and innovating to deliver newer experiences. We endeavor to help our customers gear up to this era of Augmented Intelligence and derive the greatest benefits from it.


For an insurance claims company, AI improved data accuracy by 90% and reduced 60% human effort
Masked Face Detection in place to augment security in ATMs – analyses behavior and triggers alarm
AI legal assistant peruses legal docs to reduce turnaround from days to mere seconds with accuracy
A leading US Telecom enabled AI/ML to optimise price and discounts and better serve its customers
AI helps prevent truck rolls by reading traffic ticket data and assisting driverless trucks
AI helps patients estimate hospital bills at the time of admission based on medical history

AI Service Offerings

Human in the Loop

Gain analytical insights powered meticulously categorized and contextualized high-quality data and improve decision-making.

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Consulting Services

Our Consulting services include Mapping Business needs with AI to build business cases, Developing AI rollout strategy, Identifying business critical use cases, Data architecture consultation, and Strategy for AI-centric innovation.

NLP & Text Analytics

Our Text Analytics (NLP) Service offering include developing business insights from text corpus, understanding customer preferences better through sentiment analysis, and getting more out of knowledge management assets.

Intelligent Automation – Business & IT

Help our customers achieve significant efficiencies in Business, IT and Network operations through innovative use of new-age Digital Automation technologies like RPA, OCR, in combination with AI.

Computer Vision

Develop automated and augmented vision-based solutions like Face Recognition, Image Classification, Object Identification, Gesture Recognition, Annotation and Labeling Solutions.

Conversational AI

Leverage cognitive conversational capabilities to automate with a human touch. Automated text and voice-based solutions in the area of agent helpdesk, customer self service and corporate service bots.

Advanced Analytics (ML)

We offer advanced analytics solutions to extract maximum value from business data, for decision making with end-to-end expertise in everything from Data Engineering services to Machine Learning operations.

AI Solutions


Use Sayint, an advanced speech analytics platform, to transform customer interactions into critical business insights. Sayint helps improve decision-making, enhance customer experience and ensure compliance by auditing 100% of calls automatically.

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Datamime is an annotation and workflow tool that facilitates collecting, grading, transcribing, and annotating data across various media types. Build large-scale training data sets to train your ML models and create custom workflows for your data projects.

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Who We Serve


With pervasive AI, we are helping banking and financial organisations cater to evolving needs of consumers in the new digital economy as well as get ready for the future.

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Manufacturing icon

Our AI-based solutions have helped manufacturers detect defects in large structures (e.g. Airplanes) resulting in 40-70% reduction in manual inspection efforts

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Healthcare icon

With Augmented Intelligence in healthcare, our solutions are able to effectively analyse patient data and suggest preventive techniques for enhanced patient outcomes

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We provide an end-to-end modular platform focusing on operations that customers value most, with automation of processes and functions being our key differentiator in the industry

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Media & Entertainment

We can help the industry reduce manual effort and operational costs significantly (30-50%) while providing scalability to handle peaks in volume. Reduction in human interventions also enables better compliance

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Oil & Gas

With our AI-first approach, we can help manage disruption in Hydrocarbon value chain and enable organisations to transition to innovative operating models

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Energies & Utility

We provide customers intuitive ways to make informed decisions on electric, water and gas usage with Natural Language Processing Technique in Customer Communication with Virtual Agents.

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Leading the Way

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Responsible AI

AI & ML with potential to improve Ethics, Bias & Fairness

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Conversational AI

Conversational AI and Automation with

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Corporate Virtual Agent (FRED)

AI-powered conversational IT assistant

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Solar Panel Hotspot Detection

OpenCV based solution to detect hotspots on thermal images

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Social Chat Toxicity Analyzer

AI-based text classification system

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Real Time Investment & Transaction Assistant

RITA is an AI-powered financial assistant

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AI powered Legal Assistant

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Cognitive Text Extraction Engine

AI enabled Text Analysis for business

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Content Based Image Search Engine

AI-based image retrieval engine

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Cognitive Pole Reconciliation

Recognizes presence of telecom poles

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Cognitive Signature Detection

Detects human signature in given documents

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Cognitive Inspection Solution

CV-based drone enabled cognitive inspection

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Cognitive Assembly Quality Inspection

Automates component assembly check process

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AI Driven Vendor selection

Contextual knowledge discovery system

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Quality Inspection and Anomaly Detection

Computer Vision-based quality control

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Warranty 360 - Powered by AI

An accelerator available in IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Customer Engagement Bot

Conversational AI Bot Solution for Customer Relations Engagement

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AI Based Breast Cancer Prognosis & Treatment Optimization

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Drone Enabled Cognitive Inspection

Computer Vision solution with deep learning for parts inspection

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Meet Our Leadership

Rajesh Chandiramani
Senior Vice President
Global Head of Digital Business, Tech Mahindra
Hasit Trivedi
CTO – Digital Technologies & Global Head - AI, Tech Mahindra
Jeet Singh
Global Business Head - Artificial Intelligence, Tech Mahindra
Saurabh Jha
Global Consulting & Vertical Solutions Head - D&A + AI , Tech Mahindra

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