Tech Mahindra is working with 60+ clients across Software & Internet, Semiconductor and Infrastructure & Consumer technology

Dawn of the post-digital era

With digital engineering at the core, the Hitech business at Tech Mahindra is focused on solving problems across product development, infrastructure transformation, enterprise IT and digital marketing. Our key bets on Cloud, Analytics, Platforms, and Engineering (CAPE)powered by 20+ years of experience in this segment and a collaborative ecosystem of startups, industry platforms and technology alliances position us a key player in the post-digital era.

Building products and platforms for digital natives
Ensuring the product quality in every release
Improving efficiencies to help zero defects in manufacturing
Transforming IT infrastructure to keep pace with changing business needs

Product Engineering

Companies facing new markets, disruptive challengers, and market-dominant incumbents feel more pressure than ever before to become agile, thoroughly market-driven, and highly responsive to customer demands. These technology-enabled characteristics are essential for firms looking to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.

We understand how to orchestrate large-scale, technology-driven transformation initiatives, whether they’re focused on digital, cloud, mobility or data or even all of them. Just as importantly, we know how to complete these projects at an efficient rate, avoiding the pitfalls that leave firms sitting in “transformation purgatory” for years.

What We Do

New Product Development Services

We offer responsive new product development based on industry-leading technology, enabling access and deployment through cloud-based and mobile devices.

Prototyping, Proof of Concept, and Support

We deliver faster PoCs to get real work off the ground faster and help you maximize application value with ongoing support options.

Product Re-Engineering

We optimize your current IT applications and re-architect and re-platform to make them more accessible, relevant, and innovation-friendly.

Testing Services

We provide functional, regression, and automated testing built-in at each stage of the app build. Security testing is also a part of the package.

The Tech Mahindra Advantage

Faster Proof of Concepts and Prototypes

Check the feasibility of ideas in bite-sized increments using our flexible, rapid, repeatable proof of concept/prototyping process while evaluating and developing ideas as they occur.

Cloud Transformation

Move older apps to the cloud and develop cloud-native applications. We guide in-house developers wherever they are most effective; and we build it ourselves when necessary.

Mobile Transformation

Enable mobility on legacy applications smoothly and build new apps with full-featured mobile integration and ensure adaptability to continued innovation in mobile devices.

Data-Driven Transformation

Create an organization-wide framework for data collection, analysis, distribution and access. Build machine learning models for quick, powerful insights using raw data.

Who We Serve

Software and Internet

A segment which has disrupted the Forbes 500 list and the way products and services are created and delivered to the end users we are focused on Digital natives, enterprise software and e-commerce companies

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Semiconductor today is the underlying foundation to a digital business. With over 2 decades of experience working with 15+ semiconductor companies our focus here is on storage, IDMs, Fabless and equipment manufacturers

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Everything you Need to Know

Live to Rise

Cisco Partner of the Year Award, 2019

Tech Mahindra awarded Partner of the Year Award, 2019 at Cisco Partnership Summit 2019 for Industry Solution Excellence

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2019

Tech Mahindra Recognized as Winner for 2019 from a set of more than 2,900 entrants from 115 countries worldwide

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